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  • I. 1. What services does Nona provide?
    Nona provides babysitting and housekeeping services to your private home, office or workplace etc. There are two categories of jobs you can book on Nona : babysitting and housekeeping. Nona connects you with independent contractors in your area who can help you with anything from cleaning, running errands to babysitting your children. Find the category you are looking for while registering to the app. While creating your account, you will have the choice to say if you are looking for a babysitter, a housekeeper or both.
  • I. 2. Does Nona provide services in my city?
    Currently, Nona’s services are rendered in the city of Valencia, Spain. However, we are scaling up at a quick pace and will gradually expand our services to a few Europeen key locations. We are coming very soon to Ibiza and Mallorca.
  • I. 3. ID verification and criminal check (software)
    Very soon, Nona will use an identity verification software to verify the identity of all of our users. By doing so, Nona makes sure that providers and customers are who they say they are in the real world, prevent identity fraud and comply with privacy and anti-fraud regulations. Background checks can also be processed on babysitters at any point to ensure the most current information. To determine whether a babysitter has recently completed a background check through Nona, look for a nona doll badge displayed on the babysitter’s profile and next to their name.
  • II. 1. Registering process
    A. To register as a customer, enter the requested information and select what you are searching for : a babysitter, a housekeeper or both. Once this step is done, we will ask you a few more details and we will verify both your email address and your phone number. Phone and email verification is used so we can confirm that the number and email address you provided is valid and available (Only your phone number will be displayed to the provider once a booking has been fully accepted). As part of the registering process we will need to verify your ID for identity check, for more information, please refer to Section I.3 It is important to fill up as much information as possible so the providers will have access to as much information as possible about you while applying to your jobs. B. To register as a provider, (babysitter or housekeeper), select which role you are registering for : babysitter or housekeeper. For now, nona only gives you the opportunity to create either one or the other role under one single account (if you would like to register as a babysitter AND a housekeeper, you will need to create two separate accounts under two different email addresses). Once this step is done, we will ask you a few more details and we will verify both your email address and your phone number. Phone and email verification is used so we can confirm that the number and email address you provided is valid and available (Only your phone number will be displayed to the customer once a booking has been fully completed). The next step would be to create your profile with all the relevant information basd on the role you have selected. The more complete and accurate are the information you provide, the more chances you will have to be seen and hired.
  • II. 2. Signing up process
    Once you have created an account, you can log in at any time with your username and password. If you encounter any difficulty to log back in, please contact us [email protected]
  • II. 3. Location of the job
    Job Location (or address) is where your job will take place, that is, where the housekeeping services will be rendered or where you require the babysitter to take care of your children. Please be as precise as possible (street name, street number, area, postcode and city). The location of the job will only be disclosed to the provider once the booking is confirmed. Before that, only the area will be visible to others and the exact address will remain private.
  • How do I create a great profile ?
    Creating an effective profile on Nona is simple and easy. We recommend our users to provide accurate and comprehensive information about themselves, including your interests, skills and experience if you are a provider or a bio describing you and your needs if you are a customer. All the information would need to be fill up at the time or registration and you can always go back to editting these information under : “Edit profile” after clicking on the bottom right icon of the app. This will take you to the profile setup page where you can fill in your details such as the bio, details about your children if you are searching for a babysitter or skills and experience if you are a provider etc. Once you are done, make sure to save your changes and you’re good to go.
  • III. 1. Do providers have a professional license?
    The backgrounds of our Providers are diverse, and include young professionals and homemakers. Nona does not employ them, as they are independent contractors. It is important to note that providers are not licensed professionals, despite their expertise and level of experience. The Nona communication platform facilitates communication between Clients and Providers in accordance with the terms and condition. There is currently no guarantee that Nona will provide licensed professional services. We recommend seeking a professional service provider in that field if your job requires a licensed worker.
  • III. 2. Finding an appropriate provider
    When booking a provider (babysitter or housekeeper), you will be presented with a list of providers based on factors such as availability, experience, category, and price. It should be noted, however, that Providers are independent contractors who set their own hourly rates, schedules, and places of work. It is possible, therefore, for Providers to be unavailable depending on local demand. This is what you'll see along with the list of potential Providers: If they are a Nona trusted Babysitter or Housekepper, you will see a little nona logo badge next to their names) Reviews and ratings A photo and their age What chores they are willing to help with or how many children they are willing to take care of. An overview of their experience, tools, and why they might be a good fit for the job and a short bio You have the option to filter the search on the homepage of the app and sort your provider by skills, experience, availability and chores needed etc. Should you be unable to locate a Provider in your area, it might be helpful to check other dates and times to see if one may become available later. If you would like some assistance to find a provider, please contact us [email protected] Prior to scheduling a job, you and the Provider must confirm the details of the job in the job's chat thread. In addition, you can view Provider profiles, read reviews, and learn more about their skills before sending a job request, so you can be sure that you are choosing the right person!
  • III. 3. What are the steps I need to take to hire a provider?
    Using the Nona app, you can book a provider by following these steps: From the app's home screen, you can choose a provider by navigating to the list of available providers. Alternatively, you can choose a provider by using the calendar or the filter option in the search bar. The calendar tool enables you to see the list of providers available to render their services based on the dates you select. With the filter option, you can specify your needs, such as the provider’s level of experience, his/her/their age range, languages spoken etc. To view a Provider's profile, tap on their name. The Provider profile displays all of the information you need to find the right Provider for your project, such as their skills and experience, their hourly rate, their reviews, and other useful details. Book a Provider by tapping "Book Now" on his/her/their profile. It's located at the bottom of the screen. Schedule your job for a specific day and time. A job can be scheduled up to 3 hours in advance using the scheduling feature. A Provider's availability determines the date and time shown. We strongly encourage you to chat with your provider before booking so you can provide them with all the necessary details of the job. Describe your job in detail. Information such as, supplies your Provider needs, numbers of kids if you’re hiring a babysitter, kid’s special needs etc. start and end time can be also included Make sure you have entered accurate information for your job. Additionally, this screen allows you to: Change the method of payment. Enter a promo code if you have any Identify the frequency at which recurring cleaning jobs should be performed. To complete the booking process, tap "Confirm or chat". Before or After you've booked the job, you can chat with the Provider to confirm details and answer any questions. We strongly recommend for you to initiate a chat before completing a booking.
  • III. 4. What is the best way to contact my provider?
    Getting in touch with your Provider is a simple process. Whenever you view the details of your job, you'll find a chat thread where you'll be able to chat with your Provider. It is highly recommended that you contact your Provider through this chat thread in order to ensure the success of your job as it is a secure channel of communication. On Nona, you can chat with your Provider by following these steps: From the home page, you can see the list of providers and click on any chat icon to initate a chat. By opening a user profile, you will also be able to see a little chat icon and click on it. On “My Jobs” or "My bookings" section, you can view the job details and click on the provider photo to see their profile and start a chat. Whenever possible, make use of chat as the primary communication method for your project in order to document everything.
  • III. 5. What is the process for adding a Provider to my favourites?
    On the Nona app, you can favourite a Provider by following these steps: Navigate on the Nona app to find a section called "My Providers." Your previous Providers will be listed under the "Past Providers" tab. Each Provider can be added to your favorites by clicking the heart icon on the top right corner of their profiles.
  • III. 6. Does my provider have the necessary equipment/supplies?
    When writing your job description, be sure to include any specifics you need. To ensure your Provider has the right supplies and tools, connect with them after booking. Because Providers are independent contractors, supplies and tools may vary from Provider to Provider.
  • III. 7. What does the minimum working period mean?
    An invoice cannot be issued for less than three hours because the minimum billing period for jobs is three hours In general. Nona jobs have a three-hour minimum booking policy. Please see our Cancellation policy under our Terms and conditions for more information booking policy. Make sure you remember we are a cashless platform, so use our app or website to make payments securely.
  • III. 8. What is the cost of hiring a provider?
    Providers' hourly rates and the length of the job can affect the total cost of your job. Prior to starting the Job, be sure to double check the provider’s rates as each provider is allowed to set up their own hourly rate. Hourly rates can vary sometimes based on day and night (overnight rates). Providers' hourly rates are displayed when you book their services and a total cost of the job will be shown to you before sending a booking request. We use independent contractors, who set their own rates for the hours they work. Our rates vary from Provider to Provider, so we are unable to manage this setting.
  • III. 9. What is the process for hiring multiple providers?
    For now, Nona only allows you to hire one provider per booking. Having two Providers on a single job invitation is not possible since Providers work independently. They will need to be hired separately. You have the possibility to create two jobs for the same event / day and times and hire multiple providers separately for that job. Nona will soon implementing an option that will allow you to book multiple providers for one single job. Friends are not allowed to accompany Providers. Each person who comes to accomplish a Job must register on Nona as a Provider. Otherwise, the terms and conditions of Nona will not hold up. Feel free to contact our customer service department if you still need assistance booking multiple providers for your job : [email protected]
  • III. 10. What steps do I need to take to hire a previous provider?
    The Nona app makes it easy to hire a previous Provider again: From the bottom navigation of the app, select "your profile picture.". You can access the "My jobs" tab by clicking it. You can view all your previous jobs along with the provider who completed them in the Past Jobs tab.. You can rehire a Provider by clicking on “Job Details”, then on his profile picture and click "Book." If you have ever contacted your provider previously through the Nona chat, you can go back into the chat to find your provider and click on their picture to be redirected to their profile page. Customer support can help you rehire your Provider if you need assistance please email [email protected]
  • III. 11. The mean and use of Nona chat platform
    With the app's chat features, Providers can directly get in touch with you. Contact information does not have to be exchanged. It is important not to give your Provider your personal contact information, so that your information remains secure. nona reserved the rights to sanction any users attempting to share sensitive and private information. You may only use such community areas to send and receive messages and material that are relevant and proper to the applicable forum. You shall NOT use the Nona platform (including but not limited to any Community Areas) to do any of the following: Defame, abuse, harass, stalk, threaten or otherwise violate the legal rights (such as, but not limited to, rights of privacy and publicity) of others, including Nona staff.
  • III. 12. The reasons for not exchanging contact information with my provider
    Your personal information is never shared by us to the provider or any user of the platform. Please refer to our privacy policy for more information about the use of your private information. Only after a booking is confirmed with your selected provider the exact address of the job and your phone number will be displayed to them. IMPORTANT : Do not share your contact information with your Provider before a booking is made if you wish to protect your privacy. Communicate only within Nona when possible. In case of a dispute in regards to a provided service, nona will be able to assist you. As a provider, getting booked regularly through nona will allow you to gain popularity among other providers if 3 jobs are completely with a 5 star review, you will receive a special nona badge to advertise your professionalism and trust. This badge will encourage other customers to book you and thus give you more job offers.
  • IV. 1. How to post a job
    (To edit or cancel a job, refer to section V.2) As a customer, you either have the option to book directly a provider through the list of available babysitters or housekeepers and you can also post a job : By clicking on your profile icon at the bottom right of the app, you will see the option "Post a job". On that page, you will be asked to provide the dates and time of the job; the city, area and the location of the task (Only the area of the job will be seen by providers. The exact address will be provided to a provider once you have confirmed a booking with her/him/them.) Other details are required such as a job description, languages and phone number (your phone number will only be displayed to your chosen provider after a booking is confirmed). Click on "Next" to review your job post and after confirming, your job post will be visible to the registered providers. You can either wait and review applicants (providers will be able to apply to your job) or you can keep on searching for a suitable providers from the home search page.
  • IV. 2. Do other users have access to my personal information such as my telephone number, email address, and address?
    Phone numbers, email addresses, addresses, last name and other sensitive information are never shared between users on nona unless a booking is made and confirmed. after a booking is made, you will receive the phone number and exact address of the provider/customer. Please read our privacy policy for more information. With the app's chat features, Providers can directly get in touch with you. Contact information does not have to be exchanged. It is important not to give your Provider your personal contact information, so that your information remains secure.
  • IV. 3. Once I have booked a provider, what is the next step?
    If you have booked a Provider, be sure to send them a message via the chat thread. To ensure your Provider understands your job, make sure you discuss with them in detail and ask any questions you might have. Discuss the job with your Provider, and they can schedule it according to the date and time you agree on. We recommend getting in touch with your provider a few hours before the job start time to double check if they have all the necessary information to arrive on time.
  • IV. 4. Is it necessary for me to be home when my housekeeper works?
    Directing and overseeing your Provider's work is your responsibility. As independent contractors, Providers are not monitored, directed, or overseen by Nona. If you won't be home, make sure you provide all necessary instructions to your Provider so that everything is completed properly. Providers will attempt to acquire this information from the chat thread if you do not provide it.
  • IV. 5. What is the best way to handle a late provider?
    In the event that your babysitter or housekeeper has not notified you or has not provided an estimated arrival time, you may try contacting your Provider within the job's chat thread. It is important for you to communicate primarily through chat, so all your job-related discourse is documented in writing. Contact your Provider via nona app by chat and contact your provider via their phone number. In the event that your Provider does not reply, we recommend canceling the job and putting a note in the job's chat thread. It may be best if you hire a new, replacement Provider if this Provider doesn't show up, or schedule another date for your current Provider. We are unable to guarantee availability of a Provider for same-day jobs. If your Provider doesn't show up, you won't be charged for cancellation or any other fee related to this job.
  • IV. 6. How Can I Submit A Claim?
    If a Provider breaches any obligation to you, or causes any damages to you or your property or rights, you are solely responsible for enforcing any rights that you may have. For the avoidance of doubt, we have no responsibility for enforcing any rights under a Buyer Contract or for any damages to your person, family or property or rights caused by Provider. In the event that you would like to raise a claim in regards to an invoice you received or sent, nona will be happy to help in the resolution of that dispute based on the facts that we will receive. To do so, you can email us : [email protected]
  • IV. 7. Booking a job well in advance
    It is possible to book a provider up to 3 months in advance. We highly recommend you to confirm with your providers before making the booking as their availability might differ.
  • V. 1. How should I deal with an incorrect address for my job?
    It is recommended to keep the job active if an incorrect address was entered when booking and to inform your provider of the correct address through the job's chat thread. You may need to cancel and rebook your job if the incorrect address is in a different city or if your Provider is unable to take care of it anymore.
  • V. 2. Once a job has been booked, can it be edited?
    At the moment, Nona does not allow a job to be edited. If you need to change the dates and location of a job or other information such as language spoken needed or the job description, you will need to cancel the job and create a new one if these details can not be shared and agreed between you and the provider. Please contact your provider before cancelling the job and re-book them accordingly.
  • V. 3. What is the process for canceling a job?
    How to cancel a job : As a customer, you can cancel your job by following these steps: On the bottom navigation of the app, tap "Jobs". To cancel a job, tap it. You can cancel the job by scrolling to the bottom and clicking on "Cancel Job." Write the reason why you are canceling your job and click "Submit." You can cancel by clicking on "Cancel." without providing a reason if the booking has not been accepted yet by the provider. If the booking has already been accepted by the provider, we will ask you to provide a reason for the cancellation. As a provider, you can cancel a job under "My jobs". Please refer to our Cancellation Policy under our Terms and Conditions for more information.
  • V. 4. Is it possible to cancel a job after it has already begun?
    It should be determined by you and your Provider how many hours should be invoiced for, in case you want to cancel after some work is completed. Please refer to our Cancellation policy in our Terms and Conditions for more information. Having trouble reaching an agreement? Our Customer Support team can assist [email protected] Please state the reference number of the job and the name of the provider or customer.
  • V. 5. Cancellation Fees
    Nona offers a cancellation policy that is flexible enough to align with our users’ needs but also enables our housekeepers and babysitters to feel valued, promotes reliability and ensures that the provider is able to commit to the jobs they apply for. Prior to accepting any booking, seekers & families are able to see our cancellation policy available under our general terms and conditions and agree to it so that they are fully aware of the policy before booking. Our cancellation policy states that a job may be canceled or rescheduled 24 hours in advance of its scheduled completion without any charge. If cancelled, 24 hours prior to start time, the customer will get a full refund, including our fees. You can find more information about our cancellation policy here. In the event that a cancellation is made within 24 hours of the booking start, the customer will be charged the amount of 3 hours based on the provider’s hourly rate. This amount goes to the provider. Nona fees are also not refundable.
  • V. 6. Cancellation penalties
    We encourage our customers to be considerate of your provider’s schedule and to only cancel a booking in case of a major event. We understand that last minute changes can occur and we give our customers the chance to cancel penalty free five times in a year, after which we will deduct a fee based on the last canceled booking. In case of 3 cancellations by the Provider during a period of 6 months, the Provider's account will be suspended for a period of 6 months. Read our Cancellation Policy for more information
  • V. 7. What can I do if my provider cancels?
    Once cancelled, you will not be charged and the job will be put back to the home page and will be visible again to other providers. We recommend contacting a previous applicant or researching another suitable applicant. We will be happy to help during business hours, please contact us [email protected]
  • V. 8. Will I be charged for a job that was cancelled?
    In the event that a provider cancels a job at any given time, you will be fully refunded, including nona fees.
  • VI. 1. How do I edit my information
    The section "edit profile" allows you to add, edit or delete any information of your profile.
  • VI. 2. Purpose of filling your credit card details
    In order to book a provider, you will need to fill up at least one method of payment (credit card or PayPal details). You can choose to store this credit card safely and to re-use it for the next booking.
  • VI. 3. How do I permanently delete my account?
    To delete an account, follow these steps : Click on your profile icon on the bottom right corner Select "My account" and scroll down to "Delete account" Your information will no longer be stored and safely removed. Please read our Privacy Policy for more information in how nona handle your private information.
  • VI. 4. How do you pay your provider?
    The total amount of a service depends on your provider hourly rate, overtime rates and nona fees. You will be requested to pay the full amount at the time of booking your provider. nona will pre-authorized the booking amount and hold it until the job is completed and the invoice is accepted by the buyer. This amount will be charged to the payment method selected by the Buyer. Once the service is completed, the Provider will provide the Buyer with an invoice specifying the hours of service provided to the Buyer plus the extra expenses incurred during the provision of the service. The Buyer shall have 10 calendar days from receipt of the invoice to accept, reject or request modifications to the invoice from the Provider. Buyer may request modifications from Provider and the parties may agree on such modifications, which must be included in the invoice. If the Buyer accepts the invoice, the service will be completed and the funds will be released to the Provider's account for withdrawal at the Provider's request through the Stripe payment processor. Buyers may send an extra tip to the Provider during invoice acceptance. For more information, please read our Payments, Payouts and Commissions section of our Terms and Conditions.
  • VI. 5. What if the invoice is incorrect?
    In the event that a customer receives an invoice that does not correspond to the service provided (length of the service, extra expenses, hourly rate, nona commissions etc.), we encourage the customer to contact directly the provider and discuss the issue. The provider has the possibility to modify the invoice accordingly and send it back to the customer. In case the Buyer rejects the invoice and there is no agreement between the Provider and Buyer for the charges contained in the invoice sent by the Provider to the Buyer, the Buyer may raise a dispute case through our customer service at the following e-mail: [email protected]. In such cases Nona will make the final decision and the parties must abide by such decision. In cases where the Provider sends the corresponding invoice for the services provided and the Buyer does not accept, reject or request modifications of the invoice to the Provider within 10 calendar days after sending the invoice, the service will be automatically and definitively completed and the funds will be released to the Provider. Please our Terms and Conditions for more information.
  • VII. 1. Tips for Customers about cleaning jobs
    To prepare for a Cleaning job that is sure to be successful, there are a few things you can do. Here are some helpful hints and advice! Prior to the job taking place, it's a good idea to communicate directly in the chat thread with your Provider to ensure that both of you are on the same page. Planning your Cleaning project with your Provider can be made easier with these guidelines: Your preferred time frame for the job. What is your preferred time period for this job? Would you like them to stop after a certain period of time or are your timings flexible? Are there a few rooms to clean or does the whole house need to be cleaned? Which areas should be prioritised? By sending photos of these areas, your Provider will be able to estimate how long the job may take. Make sure your Provider is aware of the type of flooring in your home. Are the floors carpeted, hardwood, or vinyl? Can they use your vacuum or do they have to provide one? Does the Provider have access to your cleaning supplies? Not all Providers have cleaning tools and products at their disposal. The job's chat thread is the best place to discuss this ahead of time, especially if allergies, pets, or special surfaces will prevent them from using certain products. If possible, double-check the final details with the Provider and provide them with pertinent information including the apartment number (if relevant) and any parking information.
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